VALUE thesis subjects and dissertations

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Name and date for dissertation
Dissertation title
University / research institute
Ala-aho Pertti
9.10.2014 Thesis
Groundwater-surface water interaction in esker aquifers. From field measurements to fully integrated numerical modelling University of Oulu
Alahuhta Janne
11.11.2011 Thesis abstract
Patterns of aquatic macrophytes in the boreal region: implications for spatial scale issues and ecological assessment University of Oulu /
Beucher Amélie
8.4.2015 Thesis
Spatial modeling techniques for mapping and characterization of acid sulfate soils Åbo Akademi University
Flener Claude
23.5.2015 Thesis
Remote sensing for three-dimensional modelling of hydromorphology University of Turku
Gonzales Inca Carlos
8.12.2017 Thesis
Modeling the spatial and temporal trends of water quality in boreal managed watersheds University of Turku, Finland
Grönroos Mira
30.10.2015 Thesis
Metacommunity structuring in stream systems. Disentangling the roles of regional and local processes University of Oulu /
Hiltunen Minna
15.1.2016 Thesis
The role of zooplankton in the trophic transfer of fatty acids in boreal lake food webs University of Eastern Finland
Hohenthal Johanna
5.3.2018 Thesis
Local ecological knowledge in deteriorating water catchments Reconsidering environmental histories and inclusive governance in the Taita Hills, Kenya University of Helsinki
Huttunen Kaisa-Leena
29.4.2016 Thesis
Biodiversity through time: coherence, stability and species turnover in boreal stream communities University of Oulu
Jyväsjärvi Jussi
6.8.2011 Thesis abstract
Environmental drivers of lake profundal macroinvertebrate community variation - implications for bioassessment University of Jyväskylä
Kasvi Elina
21.2.2015 Thesis
Fluvio-morphological processes of meander bends - Combining conventional field measurements, close-range remote sensing and computational modelling University of Turku
Klimeski Aleksandr
20.11.2015 Thesis
Characterization of Solid Phosphorus-Retaining Materials – from Laboratory to Large-Scale Treatment of Agricultural Runoff University of Helsinki / LUKE
Kuha Jonna
12.8.2016 Thesis
Automated water quality monitoring of humic lakes by using the optical properties of water University of Jyväskylä
Lotsari Eliisa
14.7.2012 Thesis
Fluvial Processes and Their Future Magnitudes: Combined Field Observation and Simulation Approaches University of Turku
Marttila Maare
8.12.2017 Thesis
Ecological and social dimensions of restoration success in boreal river systems University of Oulu / LUKE
Mustamo Pirkko
17.1.2017 Thesis
Greenhouse gas fluxes from drained peat soils: A comparison of different land use types and hydrological site characteristics University of Oulu
Mustonen Kaisa
26.11.2016 Thesis
Climate change and boreal rivers: predicting present-day patterns and future changes in hydrological regime and its effects on river communities University of Oulu
O'Neill Mia
7.3.2015 Thesis
Ecological Sanitation - A Logical Choice? The Development of the Sanitation Institution in a World Society Tampere University of Technology
Pätynen Anita
6.6.2014 Thesis
Modelling phytoplankton in boreal lakes University of Jyväskylä / SYKE
Rossi Pekka
6.6.2014 Thesis
Integrated management of groundwater and dependent ecosystems in Finnish eskers University of Oulu
Räsänen Noora
10.11.2017 Thesis
Microbial activity in runoff waters of restored boreal mires University of Eastern Finland
Saarinen Tuomas
24.5.2013 Thesis
Temporal and spatial variation in the status of acid rivers and potential prevention methods of AS soil-related leaching in peatland forestry University of Oulu
Salmivaara Aura
4.9.2015 Thesis
Spatial Vulnerability Assessments for Water Resources Management – Cases from major Asian river basins with a focus on spatial unit of analysis and the use of big and open data Aalto University School of Engineering
Siipola Virpi
5.5.2017 Thesis
Geochemical impacts on the release of silicon within entire watersheds University of Helsinki
Sinkko Hanna
22.8.2013 Thesis
Sediment Bacterial Communities in Nutrient Cycling and in the History of the Baltic Sea University of Helsinki
Sojamo Suvi
17.6.2016 Thesis
Water-using corporations as agents of water security, management and governance - exploring cases from stewardship initiatives in South Africa to global networks of power Aalto University School of Engineering
Stenberg Leena
18.11.2016 Thesis
Erosion and sediment transport mechanisms in drained peatland forest catchments after ditch network maintenance Aalto University School of Engineering
Suurkuukka Heli
12.12.2014 Thesis
Spatial and temporal variability of freshwater biodiversity in natural and modified forested landscapes University of Oulu
Tammela Simo
13.11.2013 Thesis
Enhancing migration and reproduction of salmonid fishes: method development and research using physical and numerical modelling University of Oulu
Tolkkinen (nee Annala) Mari
18.3.2016 Thesis
Multi-stressor effects in boreal streams : Disentangling the roles of natural and land use disturbance to stream communities University of Oulu
Tolkkinen Mikko
2.10.2015 Thesis
Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in boreal streams: the effects of anthropogenic disturbances and naturally stressful environments University of Oulu /
Västilä Kaisa
15.1.2016 Thesis
Flow–vegetation–sediment interaction: Physical processes in environmental channels Aalto University School of Engineering


Doctoral students

Research topic
University / research institute
Brek-Laitinen Grazyna SP Autochthonous vs allochthonous carbon in microbial food webs of changing lacustrine ecosystems – the role of picoplankton and its diversity in carbon cycling University of Helsinki
Ferencik Ion SP Integrated environmental modeling of hydrological systems A coupled hillslope-floodplain-channel approach Aalto University School of Engineering
Huitu Hanna MF Mapping source areas of suspended solids and nutrients loading from agriculture to water using GIS modeling and automatic hydrometeorological monitoring Aalto University School of Engineering
Kaila Annu SP The cycling and transport of phosphorus following the restoration of drained peatland forests University of Helsinki
Kaitaranta Joni MF Role of macrophytes and shallow near-shore areas in regulating resuspension-driven nutrient loading in the coastal zone of the Baltic Sea University of Helsinki
Lehtimäki (née Kuparinen) Maria MF Biological processes affecting the cycling of silicon (Si) within water ecosystems and their catchment areas University of Helsinki
Mlambo Musa MF The impact of logging residue removal (LRR) on boreal headwater stream communities and drainages. University of Oulu
Nieminen Mika MF Assessing the biological effects on freshwater ecosystems of domestic bioenergy harvesting University of Jyväskylä
Sipari Hanna SP RNA-based detection methods for hepatotoxic cyanobacteria and regulation of microcystin biosynthesis University of Helsinki  
Takala Annina SP Building competence for sustainable water and waste water services Tampere University of Technology
Vaalama Anu MF Phosphorus sorption properties of surface sediments' in northern Baltic Sea University of Helsinki
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