The integral theme of VALUE doctoral school is comprehensive analysis of watershed activities and their impacts. The doctoral school focuses on three main themes:

Watershed processes and integrated modeling

Prevention of non-point pollution and eutrofication of the Baltic Sea

The impacts of land-use in catchment-level processes, run-off, was-out rates, and ecology

Integrating empirical basic research, monitoring results, and modeling

Interdisciplinary basis for policy-making on watersheds and water resources

Multicriteria analysis

Interactive planning and design

Environmental impact analysis (EIA)

Impact analysis in strategic level

Supporting methods for decision-making

Grounds, methods and tools for land-use, management, and protection of watersheds

Cost-efficient and precise techniques in water supply and treatment, and in land-use

New methods for water conservation

Methods to evaluate, monitor, and manage benefits and losses

Ways to integrate different actors in catchment-level planning

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