August 15, 2011


Matching funding positions up to four years available at VALUE Doctoral Program

In VALUE Doctoral Program, the call for matching positions is continuous. The next deadline will be in autumn 2011. The details and the date will be informed later.

VALUE Doctoral Program in Integrated Catchment and Water Resources Management is a Finnish nationwide doctoral program funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, and the Academy of Finland. All Finnish key universities and research institutes on the field take part in the cooperation, with their international networks. The doctoral program started in the beginning of 2010.


Pollution and lack of sufficient of water resources weaken the quality of life, affect the development of societies, and impact ecosystems. Water quantity and quality are regulated by hydrological processes, geochemical and biological processes, and by external factors, such as climate and land-use. Sustainable use of water resources, water conservation and restoration require knowledge on processes, as well as responses and ecological effects.

By multidisciplinary research, VALUE doctoral school seeks solutions for integrated water resource management. VALUE brings together high quality research of the partner universities and research institutes by creating new research consortia in the following fields:

  • Diffuse pollution, transport processes, and water quality management
  • Criteria and methods for catchment and water course restoration
  • New methods and technologies for monitoring and management
  • Integrated water resources management

For more information on VALUE, please visit the web page.

About PhD matching funding positions

The matching funding positions are available for students wishing to conduct research in the research fields of VALUE, carried out in the partner universities and research institutes of VALUE. The maximum duration of studentship is four years. The applicants should hold an MSc or equivalent degree in a relevant field. We are looking for motivated applicants who are able to work in multidisciplinary teams and who have a good command of English. The full selection criteria are found here.

NB: Matching funding positions require own funding, no salary will be paid. The students in matching funding positions are entitled to free participation (including travels and accommodation) in annual joint seminars of VALUE, as well as for travel grants for participation in other courses, seminars, and conferences both in Finland and abroad.

Application form and delivery of the applications

Web-based application form should be used by all applicants. The next deadline for applications will be announced later. All the applications with appendices received by the recipient before the next deadline will be considered for evaluation.

Please note:

  • the recommendation letter of the supervisor(s) has to be delivered separately.
  • you are required to show original or officially certified documents on your degrees and further studies as well as your working history when signing the agreement.

Useful information for applicants

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VALUE organization

VALUE application form
Selection criteria

More information:

Instructional coordinator Riitta Kamula, Tel. +358 8 553 3566, riitta.kamula at