Travel grants for VALUE students

Funding conditions

All VALUE students have the right to apply for support for participation in courses and seminars arranged by VALUE, and also apply for travel grants for other scientific courses and conferences. Participation costs in the VALUE Joint annual seminars are covered from other sources than the travel grants.

The funded travels should be related to courses, seminars, or conferences that are valuable for the progress of the research or studies. Students are engouraged to discuss usefullness of the travel with the supervisor(s) before sending the application. Funding should be applied at least one month before the intended travel. Funding decisions are made based on the applications, expediency of the travel, as well as on the available amounts (see instructions below).

Payable costs are travel and accommodation costs, registration fees, and daily allowances. The payments will be based on the travel invoices with original receipts and a short travel report. Please contact the coordinator for further instructions.

The short report about the travel is to be send directly to the coordinator (by e-mail). In addition to the description of the travel, it should also include a short description on the outcomes of the travel from the point of view of the research work and / or studies.

Travel grant amounts

The students have had the possibility to plan the travels for the whole study period, based on their needs. Every student has an individual amount for travels. The sum depends on the time granted in the VALUE doctoral program according to the table below:

Months in VALUE

Available amounts (€)









Applying instructions

The application should be send to VALUE coordinator before the intended travel, and it should include at least the next items:

  • Name of the applicant
  • Purpose of the travel (participation in what and in where)
  • Place and time of the event (start & end)
  • Short description of the event with explanation on how it is related to the applicant’s research or studies
  • Total budget
  • Amount applied and the grounds
  • Date of application

The applications are to be sent either by mail or as an e-mail attachment to Coordinator Riitta Kamula, and at the same to the applicant's supervisor(s).
Supervisoir's are asked to send their short opinions of expediency of the travel directly to Coordinator Riitta Kamula either by mail or as an e-mail attachment.

The applicant will be informed whether the plan is accepted, and how much funding is available. By request, coordinator will provide more information on the sums, and on applying and paying procedures.


More information:

Instructional coordinator Riitta Kamula, Tel. +358 40 524 6013, riitta.kamula at