VALUE Opening seminar From Watershed processes to policy-making

Aalto University, Otaniemi, Espoo on 17th to 18th February, 2010


17 February

Opening of the seminar

Venue: TUAS House, Lecture Hall TU1, Otaniementie 17, Espoo (see the map)


Prof. Olli Varis

Welcoming words

Prof. Björn Klöve

VALUE - doctoral program: a common platform for Finnish water and catchment research and education

Prof. Kaarina Sivonen

Research and postgraduate training

Senior Res. Seppo Hellsten
Finnish Environment Institute

Significance of postgraduate training for the sectoral research institutes

Watershed processes and integrated modelling

Chair: NN

Maria Lehtimäki

Biological processes affecting the cycling of silicon (Si) within water ecosystems and their catchment areas

Annu Kaila
UHelsinki  / Metla

The cycling and transport of phosphorus following the restoration of drained peatland forests

Kaisa Rantasärkkä

Differentiation of akinetes by the bloom-forming cyanobacteria Anabaena

Grazyna Brek-Laitinen

Autochthonous vs allochthonous carbon in microbial food webs of changing lacustrine ecosystems – the role of picoplankton and its diversity in carbon cycling

Virpi Siipola

Geochemical impacts on the release of Si within entire watersheds

Johanna Hohenthal

Impact of land cover change on the river discharges and water quality in East African mountains


Discussion and coffee break

Grounds, methodsand tools for land-use, management, and protection of watersheds

Chair: NN

Leena Stenberg
Aalto University

Erosion and sediment transport mechanisms in drained forested catchments

Hanna Huitu
Aalto University

Mapping source areas of suspended solids and nutrients loading from agriculture to water using GIS modeling and automatic hydrometeorological monitoring

Hanna Sipari

RNA-based detection methods for hepatotoxic cyanobacteria and regulation of microcystin biosynthesis

Simo Tammela

Modeling of stream flow processes and ecological habitats in river restoration

Aleksandr Klimeski

Novel methods for removing phosphorus from runoff waters

Heli Suurkuukka

Indicator species and biodiversity protection in changing forest landscape: does the protection of key biotopes advance the protection of terrestrial and aquatic nature?

Anita Pätynen
UJyväskylä / SYKE

Modelling phytoplankton dynamics in lakes at different time and space scales

Pekka Rossi

Integrated management of groundwater and dependent ecosystems in Finnish eskers

Ion Ferencik
Aalto University

Integrated environmental modeling of hydrological systems A coupled hillslope-floodplain-channel approach


Discussion and break

Disciplinary basis for policy-making on watersheds and water resources

Chair: NN

Tuomas Saarinen

Restoration of Acidified Rivers: Seeking Causes and New Water Management Solutions

Mia O'Neill
Tampere University of Technology

The role of the state in promoting ecological sanitation. Case studies from selected developed and developing economies.

Janne Alahuhta
UOulu /
Finnish Environment Institute

Spatial modelling and multi criteria decision analysis for catchment scale environmental risk assessment in boreal river basins –RiskBASIN

Mari Annala

Effects of land use changes on stream communities: how general are species responses?

Amélie Beucher
Åbo Akademi University   

Developing methods for risk mapping of Acid Sulfate Soils

Hanna Sinkko

Benthic bacterial communities in nutrient cycling of the Baltic Sea, with emphasis on phosphorus

Jussi Jyväsjärvi

Lake profundal macroinvetebrates - Environmental drivers of community variation and implications for bioassessment

Eliisa Lotsari

Fluvial processes in a changing climate: causes, effects and uncertainties of future floods in Boreal and Sub-Arctic Finland

Annina Takala
Tampere University of Technolog

Building competence for sustainable water and waste water services (pres. by Tapio Katko)

Closing of the day


Get together evening at the premises of Geological Survey of Finland
(GTK, Sederholm hall, Betonimiehenkuja 4, Espoo)

18 February

Venue: Main building, Lecture Hall E, Otakaari 1, Espoo (see the map)


Keynote by Prof. Olli Varis (Subject will be announced later)


Workshop according to separate directions in pre-nominated groups of 3 to 4 persons  




Round-up of the workshop and summation of the seminar



More information:

Instructional coordinator Riitta Kamula, Tel. +358 8 553 3566, riitta.kamula at