VALUE Concluding Seminar: Ways forward in multidisciplinary water research

University of Helsinki, Porthania, Helsinki, on 19th to 20th November, 2013

Tuesday, 19 November, 2013

Opening Session

Venue: Porthania, Lecture Hall PII, Yliopistokatu 3, Helsinki


Welcoming words by Prof. Kaarina Sivonen, University of Helsinki

Opening words by Prof. Björn Klöve, University of Oulu

Future projections for precipitation based on CMIP5 climate models
Kirsti Jylhä; Finnsih Meteorological Institute

How I became me
Timo Muotka, University of Oulu

10:30 Coffee

Scientific Session 1

Venue: Porthania, Lecture Hall PII, Yliopistokatu 3, Helsinki


Socio-ecological perspectives on the impact of land and water use change on water resources in Taita Hills, Kenya
Johanna Hohenthal, University of Helsinki

Constructing sustainable water and sanitation services - what should future water engineers learn?
Annina Takala, Tampere University of Technology

Ecological sanitation
Mia O’Neill, Tampere University of Technology

12:00 Buffet lunch at König Helsinki, Mikonkatu 4, Helsinki

Scientific Session 2

Venue: Porthania, Lecture Hall 674, Yliopistokatu 3, Helsinki


Assessing the biological effects of domestic bioenergy harvesting on freshwater ecosystems
Mika Nieminen, UNiversity of Jyväskylä

Bioenergy vs biodiversity: effects of intensive forest biomass removal on boreal stream and riparian ecosystems
Musa Mlambo, University of Oulu

Climate change and boreal rivers: Predicting present-day patterns and future changes in hydrological regime and its effects on river communities
Kaisa Mustonen, University of Oulu

Biodiversity through time: persistence, stability and species turnover in boreal stream communities
Kaisa Huttunen, University of Oulu

15:00 Coffee

Scientific Session 3


Seasonal, spatial and taxonomic differences in fatty acid composition of copepods
Minna Hiltunen, University of Eastern Finland

Modelling phytoplankton growth in Finnish lakes - possibilities and limitations
Anita Pätynen, University of Jyväskylä

Year-round automated water quality monitoring reveals the effects of hypolimnetic oxygenation
Jonna Kuha, University of Jyväskylä

Process-oriented surface water quality assessment in agricultural watershed in south-west Finland
Carlos Gonzales-Inca, University of Jyväskylä

Closing of the day
at about 17


Get together dinner at Kappeli, Eteläesplanadi 1, Helsinki

Wednesday, 20 November, 2013

Venue: Porthania, Lecture Hall P674, Yliopistokatu 3, Helsinki

Scientific Session 4


The cycling and transport of phosphorus following the restoration of drained peatland forests
Annu Kaila, University of Helsinki/ Metla

Erosion and sediment transport mechanisms in drained forested catchments
Leena Stenberg, Aalto University School of Engineering

Doctoral education in change
Riitta Kamula, University of Oulu



Scientific Session 5


The role of microbes in dissolution of biogenic silica in oxic and hypoxic seawater
Maria Lehtimäki, University of Helsinki

Assessing various spatial modelling techniques for Acid Sulfate Soil risk mapping
Amélie Beucher, Åbo Akademi University

Estimation of phosphate retentions by Ca- and Fe-rich materials in laboratory, meso- and large-scale experiments
Aleksandar Klimeski, University of Helsinki


Buffet lunch at König Helsinki, Mikonkatu 4, Helsinki

Scientific Session 6


Metacommunity structure and patterns in stream communities
Mira Grönroos, University of Oulu

Ecosystem functional stability in human-impacted streams
Mikko Tolkkinen, University of Oulu

Integrated management of groundwater and dependent ecosystems in Finnish esker
Pekka Rossi, University of Oulu

Groundwater – surface water interactions; field measurements and simulations
Pertti Ala-aho, University of Oulu

Closing Session and coffee


My public defense of doctoral thesis – how do I feel one week later
Simo Tammela, University of Oulu

Concluding discussion


Closing of the seminar


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